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Customer and product-oriented comprehensive concepts and solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of services, brand and product-oriented concepts and solutions based on your needs.

hmf Group Werbeagentur Mannheim - Strategy


Only attractive brands produce successful products.

Attractiveness and success go hand in hand. Brands and products need clear, stringent strategies and an individual positioning to be perceived as attractive by the target group – and to be a successful player in the market. There's no such thing as success without strategy. We develop innovative brand and product strategies and put them into practice in a market- and budget-friendly way.


Love comes with contact.

That's why packaging is so important: Through packaging, products and brands come into direct contact with consumers. The reach into the shelf is a first date which has to go perfectly, inspecting and opening the package an intimate act that must be well-prepared. We know how to showcase products using the sense of vision, touch, or a combination of senses. For us, packaging means branding in 3D, but also sustainability and a sense of ecological responsibility.

hmf Group Werbeagentur Mannheim - Packaging
hmf Group Werbeagentur Mannheim - POS

POS & shopper marketing

Most buying decisions are made at the POS.

Consumers want to be persuaded: especially when they want to buy. The successful presentation of products at the POS, clever second placement, and compelling consumer education engage the customers where they make the most important decisions. Here, at the POS, is where the real battle is fought between the brands, where different product concepts court the favor of the consumers, where voting takes place at the cash register. We do everything we can to win over consumers in the milliseconds in which they make their decisions.


We call it: POS online!

Webshops are the virtual point of sale. This is where online users encounter products, where consumers are won over by clever concepts and retained for the long term, and in the best case where users become fans – provided that the brand message is properly executed and the products are attractively showcased. We pay particular attention to the development and implementation of monobrand stores based on Magento. We guarantee to design entire brand worlds in combination with the most state-of-the-art technologies at a fair price – don't hesitate to press the "Buy now button" right away!

hmf Group Werbeagentur Mannheim - Webshops
hmf Group Werbeagentur Mannheim - Salestools


Tuning for your sales team.

Convincing a critical shopper is a tough game. For this reason, the few minutes a shopper grants the presentation of a new product must be used in the best possible way. We will tune your sales team at every possible point so that brand and product can sell their best: conventional with sales folder, presenter box or sample case, advanced with animations, engagement videos or sales apps, or completely freestyle. Brand & product enhancement at it's best.


Digital Brand Experience.

Digital is a wide open field. We build webshops for worldwide champions but still we are not commerce agency. We design website for global brand but again we are no internet agency. We produce successful social media campaigns for national leaders and we are not a social media agency. Our asset: we are generalists with a wide think outside the box. Our focus are products and brands - we think crossmedial. Wir live and work 360° and 24/7 and connect all media in order to push our customers brands and products efficiently.

hmf Group Werbeagentur Mannheim - Digital
hmf Group Werbeagentur Mannheim - Film


The best brands tell the best stories.

Moving image works easily; it captivates and communicates emotions. That's why films are irreplaceable in brand and product communication. Thank to new technologies for creating and distributing films, film is becoming increasingly important as a medium for consistent brand & product communication for all areas: engagement videos, how-to-use videos, motivation videos, education videos, sciencetainment videos, and many more. In the end, what really matters are the story and the correct presentation of information. We love to develop stories for brands.