hmf Group Mannheim Werbeagentur Cystinal bei erstenanzeichen einer blasenentzündung

Cystinol RELAUNCH 2017

We successfully supported the relaunch of the OTC brand Cystinol in Switzerland: starting with a new key visual including a consistent claim, we rolled out the 360° campaign in the beginning of 2017. We developed and implemented a MOA (mode-of-action) video which is shown on the complete new website of Cystinol – based on our new look and feel for the brand.

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The great relaunch of Cystinol started in the middle of 2017 with a so called “passenger TV” campaign consisting of an animated video shown on several public screens in busses, trams and trains throughout Switzerland’s cities. In addition, we implemented a big online campaign on “20 Minuten”, the biggest daily news magazine in Switzerland.

Another highlight was the huge poster campaign throughout Switzerland which brought about 8.3 million contacts. For that purpose, we additionally sent out a mailing with appealing offers to a large group of medicals.

Until today, numerous print-ads in various magazines addressing both consumers and HCP’s as well as the large-scaled online campaign complete the 360° relaunch of Cystinol.

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