hmf Group Mannheim Cool Beer

Pure, German, cool beer – cheers, Just Cool Beer!

German beer is worldwide well-known for its purity and its full-bodied taste. All it is needed for this are three simple ingredients: malt, hops and water. Inspired from this simplicity we created a clear, simple design concept for the beer brand Just Cool Beer – just cool project!

The task:

Product launch of the new German beer brand Just Cool, focused on distribution and sales abroad – mainly in China, America and Latin America. Just Cool has to reflect the new modern German values – openness, lust for life and freedom. This way, everyone feels appealed to, regardless of their age. 

The first step consisted of the creation of one modern, trendy logo in a graphic style. The logo differs a lot from the traditional German beer brands. In the second step we designed the whole overpack – hip, yound and fresh, in accordance with the cool German lifestyle of today.    

German Premium Beer

Cool Black is the first product of the Just Cool beer family. On the one hand, the beer brand embodies the established beer brewing tradition, because Cool Black is beeing brewed according to the Beer purity law. On the other hand, Cool Black is a part of the hipster lifestyle and is inspired by music, fashion and design – all the cool aspects of life which make people happy. This happy-ending sucess story makes us very happy too!