hmf Group Werbeagentur Mannheim AirWick - Life Scents Multi-Layered Fragrance


"Being at home is the best feeling"

After three years of intensive research and development, over 2,000 hours of perfume sampling and countless tests on consumers AirWick introduced the innovative product line AirWick Life Scents — a revolutionary breakthrough.

For the product launch we created a short movie which explains the innovative perfume concept in an emotional way. You should know that AirWick Life Scents are the first perfumes that continually change themselves to create an atmosphere as it is in “real life”.


AirWick Life Scents — innovations for your nose

In the movie the attention was drawn to the products “Sommervergnügen”, “Tag am Meer”, “Verwunschener Garten”, “Omas Backstube” and “Gemütlicher Kaminabend” of the brand AirWick. The movie also explains the new achievement: perfumes that continually changes itself.

hmf Group Werbeagentur Mannheim AirWick - Packshot Life Scents

Carving out the strengths of the product

In the movie the advantages of the product were carved out and through a spokesperson — who is a master perfumer — some quotations of satisfied customers were convincingly underpinned. The scientific character as well as the emotional elements of the product complement each other in an optimal way.

hmf Group Werbeagentur Mannheim Life Scents - Langes Bild mit Effekten und Film