hmf | advertising agency based in Mannheim, Berlin and Zug (Switzerland).

Everything comes at a price.

The world we live in is driven by consumption. As an advertising agency we are part of a society that has partly taken on a self-destructive way of life. Climate change, plastic crisis and animal welfare are only three buzzwords for a lifestyle that is changing the world.

We want to be part of the solution.

We love brands, products and our work. At the same time we believe in the power of the individual. That is why we launched initiatives on three levels with the goal of making a positive contribution on improving the world.


Plastic is a great material, but it has no place in nature. Unfortunately, there is about 1 billion tons of plastic waste that is not disposed of around the world. This is becoming a bigger problem from year to year. Plastic doesn’t decompose but breaks down into smaller and smaller particles, thus getting integrated into the food chain. We are taking care of it. Let´s clean the world together.




Within the consumption-oriented agency, we host an eco-dynamic inhouse startup. Niko and two companions have leased a field in Mannheim-Edingen to grow vegetables, according to the micro-gardening principle. Since the first season in 2021, Niko has been providing half the agency with fresh, hand-grown vegetables from the Kurpfalz.


Our headquarters are located in the middle of a concrete jungle – the trade harbor Mannheim. Across the river of largest chemical plant in the world not much grows. Until we grabbed a pickaxe and a shovel and re-naturalized 15 sqm of garden space. Since then, we can observe bees, bumblebees and lots of lizards in our beautiful garden.